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Brand Experience - Rolling Stone
Brand Experience - Burton
Brand Experience - MakeAWish
Brand Experience - Under Armour
Brand Experience - WSJ
Brand Experience - Pepsi
Brand Experience - ATT
Brand Experience - Careerbuilder
Brand Experience - amc
Brand Experience - Nintendo
Brand Experience - ShutterStock
Brand Experience - Sony
Brand Experience - Adobe
Brand Experience - General Mills
Brand Experience - Old Spice
Brand Experience - Qualcomm
Brand Experience - Red Bull
Brand Experience - Chewy
Brand Experience - Rubios
Brand Experience - Boeing
Brand Experience - Disney
Brand Experience - Universal
Brand Experience - HP
Brand Experience - NBA
Brand Experience - Deloitte
Brand Experience - Hyundai
Brand Experience - Amblin Entertainment
Brand Experience - Ashley Homestore
Brand Experience - Marvel
Brand Experience - Nike
Brand Experience - Target
Brand Experience - Blizzard
Brand Experience - Carvana
Brand Experience - SalesForce
Brand Experience - Slack
Brand Experience - DrSeuss
Brand Experience - Red Kap
Brand Experience - Amazon
Brand Experience - Visa
Brand Experience - Atlantic
Brand Experience - NBC News
Brand Experience - Nascar
Brand Experience - MotorTrend
Brand Experience - SeaWorld
Brand Experience - USA Today
Brand Experience - Dreamworks
Brand Experience - Volvo
Brand Experience - Variety
Brand Experience - XBOX
Brand Experience - Kelloggs
Brand Experience - HCA
Brand Experience - DC Comics
Brand Experience - Liberty Mutual
Brand Experience - Udemy
Brand Experience - Hasbro
Brand Experience - CocaCola
Brand Experience - Paramount
Brand Experience - MGM

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What Clients Say

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Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. After multiple long-term project successes, I know I can trust The Roster to deliver every time.

— Kevin Godsey
     Founder & CEO, Flexwise Health

Photo of Person Quoted
Roger Higgins is a true creative genius. We weren’t sure how we’d ever find a team that measured up to his incredibly high standards. Now we know-how.

— Melonie Levernier
     Project Manager, R. Higgins Interiors

Photo of Person Quoted
It's a big relief to have a range of talented creatives available to us, all backed by organized, disciplined, engaged and responsive leadership. Relying on The Roster has made a huge difference.

— Mike Hassell
     CEO, Applied Guidance

This team really does have it all — consistently superior work, a high degree of professionalism + insightful, gracious and helpful personalities. I’m a huge fan and would work with them again in a heartbeat!

— Pam Hughes
     Marketing Director, Agile Alliance

Using The Roster has lifted a lot of responsibility from my shoulders. The diverse people that work there do a great job managing and improving our website and shopping platform.

— Cammy Kryder
     Co-Owner & CFO, ProVision Tools


Frequently Asked Questions.

A: Short answer: the modern evolution of Creative Staffing Augmentation, aka Staff Aug. Our core mission is to make creative staffing as painless as making a withdrawal from an ATM around the corner. We’ve already put in all the time and effort required to identify, vet and organize a wide range of freelance creative talents. So when a client has a project requiring a Designer, a Front-End Developer, or a complete Video Production Team (to name a few examples), they contact The Roster knowing we have their creative resources ready to go. In most cases, we can have qualified freelance talent moving your project forward within 24-72 hours.

A: The Roster specializes in those creative talents that are so essential in today’s fast-changing world... We can help fill the roles your digital presence requires: everything from Creative Directors, Copywriters, and Graphic Designers to Web Developers, UX/UI Designers, and Project Managers. And then there’s strategy: turn to us for proven Content Strategists, Marketing Automation Strategists, Social Media, SEM, and SEO Strategists, and more.

A: Great question. We hear this one often enough that we created a handy Project Staffing Guide to help you get a more realistic sense of the team you’ll need to successfully accomplish your goals. This is helpful whether you’re assembling an entire team to tackle a project or simply filling in gaps for the team you have in place today.

A: The Roster is based in Nashville. But these days, top performers have the freedom to work from anywhere on the planet as long as they can get a solid internet connection. From Portland, Oregon, to Athens, Greece, and from L.A. to Nashville, you’ll find our talent pool covers a lot of ground.

A: Two words: trusted professionals. We understand creative pros. Beyond raw talent, we know what it takes to make a great team player. We’ve already done all the legwork to make sure every resource listed on The Roster is an outstanding performer. No matter how big or small your next project may be, you want to get it right the first time.

A: Just like hiring internally, the cost of bringing someone onto your team depends on specifics: job role, experience level, skills, etc. Once we understand your talent needs more fully, we can put together a budget that makes sense for your company based on the current job market.

A: Staff Augmentation is a hiring model that allows your full-time core team to collaborate with highly specialized talent on a project-by-project basis. It’s not a new concept – for decades, this secret staffing solution has been heavily used by heavy hitters in virtually every industry. What is new is the access to top creative talent TheRoster can bring to any company, regardless of size. You’ve got a need? We’ve got the talent to complement your team. In most cases, The Roster can have qualified freelance talent working on your project within 24-72 hours.

A: Well, right off the top of our heads:

  1. Manage staffing spikes more effectively
  2. Reap the cultural benefits that come with hybrid teams
  3. Dramatically reduce onboarding time and expenses
  4. Save time and money recruiting/vetting talent
  5. Reduced risk with the assurance of proven talent
  6. Avoid the loaded costs of an FTE with a fractional resource (who is likely more experienced)


A: MSA is industry shorthand for Master Services Agreement. The idea is to provide a framework that outlines basic terms and boundaries – mutual non-disclosure and mutual non-solicitation, for starters. The MSA also allows us to freely share talent, rates, and availability with you as we discuss the specifics of a project. This document is an essential first step in every Roster client relationship, but nothing is binding or exclusive about it.

A: Absolutely. Every member of The Roster has completed a technology audit, demonstrating proficiency with the core tools and technologies that make collaboration effective in today’s hybrid workplace.

A: If you’re already set up as a client, it’s not uncommon to have freelance talent assigned to your project within 24-72 hours. And all Roster team members are good at jumping in quickly, so they can start contributing from day one.

A: Hey, we’d never want to stand in the way of a great relationship. Our standard MSA includes a provision for converting any Roster talent to your own full-time employee. If you’re considering a move like this, let us know directly. We’ll do everything we can to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

A: Actually, every one of our freelance talents is set up for remote work. This translates to near-instant availability with little to no onboarding expense.

A: We work hard to ensure every project exceeds your expectations. If you ever found yourself wondering whether there may be someone who matches up better, we’d want to be the first to know. At that point, we’d do everything we could to get another freelancer to keep your project on track quickly.

A: Helping us understand precisely what you need is the first step. So let’s start by having a brief intro conversation. From there, we’ll find the right match for your talent needs. The Roster handles everything from interviewing to onboarding, allowing for a seamless experience as you build your team.

A: We realize that no matter how well you plan, sometimes you discover you need specific talent on a project yesterday (if not sooner). For current clients, we do our best to get people in place within 24-72 hours.  Even if you don’t have an immediate need, we suggest getting the initial MSA onboarding process out of the way now. It’s quick and painless, and you’re not making any financial commitments. But you will be putting us in a position to respond as quickly as possible when that day comes.

A: Most have 10+ years of experience. Of course, some superstars hit their stride even faster. But you’re safe assuming that anyone accepted into The Roster has demonstrated exceptional talent, professionalism, and maturity.

A: It’s all about relationships. Our amazing network has evolved and grown over the course of many, many successful projects of all shapes and sizes. It’s a living, breathing testament to the idea that good people tend to attract other good people.

A: Yes, there are fees associated with using any staffing agency. But our clients typically find that they come out ahead by choosing to partner with staffing professionals. After all, building and vetting a network of top creative talent takes much more time and effort than most companies are willing to invest. Our goal is to save you both time and money.

A: Basically, you get to tap into an established network of reliable, high-level talent without having to spend years cultivating all those relationships. Our deep industry expertise means you don’t just get great freelancers – you’re getting the best available people based on your specific project needs. Our staffing specialists work their magic by taking the time to get to understand you and your project. Whether you’re after one person or an entire team, we’re here to deliver the creative resources you need.

A: We specialize in remote freelance. But many of our freelancers are willing to travel or to collaborate in on-site meetings as required. Today’s pros are a pretty flexible bunch.

A: Excellent question. Any time someone applies to be included on The Roster, we start evaluating the quality of the work – if we don’t love it, there’s no point going further. Many of our freelancers are referred by mutual connections, which gives us a good sense of how they are to work with. Beyond that, we use one-on-one conversations to get to know candidates on a more personal level. We look at personality, background, overall personal style, and more.

Technical considerations are essential, too – everything from preferred software platforms to mastery of the collaboration tools that make remote teaming so powerful these days. The final ingredient to our secret sauce? Creative intuition. Our core team has placed more than 1,500 creative types into freelance roles. You tend to develop a pretty keen sense of who’s going to be great.

A: Admittedly, that’s not an area we specialize in. But sometimes, a placement works out so well that both parties want to make the arrangement permanent. If you want to bring one of our freelancers in-house, we’ll do whatever we can to make the transition smooth. Our client agreements always include a contingency for this exact scenario.

A: We specialize in shorter-term engagements but will always do anything we can to help. We’ll be happy to refer you to trusted recruiters who focus on a permanent placement.

A: Short answer: yes. We’d be happy to discuss this whenever you’re ready.

A: For established clients, we invoice once a month in arrears. New clients purchase a block of hours up-front. This block equals 50% of the first month’s estimated hours (minimum 10). 50% of the remaining hours are billed mid-month, with the balance billed at the end of the month. The first invoice is due upon receipt. After that, the terms are net-10.

A: No problem. Whether you need one person or 20, you can expect the same concierge-level service. And for the record, a strong Project Manager often makes all the difference in a project’s outcome. We happen to represent a range of great ones with the experience to keep things running smoothly.