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Good code is an essential art form.

Where most see software code as endless strings of mysterious symbols and letters, we see beauty and potential. We can provide development experts and all the other essential roles that make the process work. And did somebody mention Agile?

Agile Scrum Management

An Agile Scrum Master facilitates Agile/Scrum team practice. Responsibilities typically include leading team stand-ups and ceremonies, ensuring adherence to Scrum methodology and managing communication between Product, PMO and Dev teams.

Agile Product Development

Agile Product Owners or Directors collaborate with prospective users and clients to understand and anticipate their needs, translating them into product requirements. They are responsible for defining the vision for the team’s product, creating and managing the product road map, developing user stories and overseeing, monitoring and evaluating all stages of product progress.

Front-End Development

A Front-End Web Developer is responsible for producing the software code that allows a user to see and interact with websites and web-based apps, i.e, the front end or public-facing side of a website. Front-end development typically requires proficiency in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. But this field is constantly evolving, so a strong working knowledge of current industry-standard tools, file formats and best practices is critical.

App Development

An Application Developer provides software development services and expertise for the target platform(s). This typically includes coding, unit-testing and delivering original application software. The role requires clear, consistent communication with peers, management and technical support colleagues as needed.

Quality Assurance Testing

A QA (Quality Assurance) Tester is a professional who uses their analytical and coding skills to locate, troubleshoot, and repair issues that lead to code flaws and application bugs. They use a combination of application-testing frameworks, user reports and customized testing procedures to locate these problems and rectify them before the product is launched. Additionally, they lead the charge in preparing hotfixes should software bugs slip through in the initial launch or subsequent updates.