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ChatGPT 4 vs. Google Bard AI: The Surprising Head-to-Head Results

16 May 2023

AI: What Is It Good For?

Like many, I've been exploring generative AI to uncover key insights, such as: how creatives can integrate AI into their workflows, what tasks AI tools perform well, and the crucial question of AI limitations. Comparing ChatGPT+ and Google Bard revealed surprising discoveries... blog cover image for

Following up the Bouncing Ball

In Search of "Kelly With The Green Necktie"

At The Roster, we talk a lot about respecting and celebrating creative talent. I have been fortunate to mentor many creative individuals throughout my career, sharing what I hav...

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The Great AI Content Debate: Tool or Threat? (Part Three)

Part Three: The Path Forward

In Part One of this article, I positioned the Debate. In Part Two, we heard from a wide range of talented creators. For this third and final installment, I’ll share my thoughts abou...

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AI generated robots performing human creative tasks

The Great AI Content Debate: Tool or Threat? (Part Two)

Part Two: Perspectives from Creative Pros

In Part One of this article, I provided some context and examples of why 2022 will be remembered as the year AI Content Creation finally went mainstream. I also framed th...

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AI generated robots performing human creative tasks

The Great AI Content Debate: Tool or Threat? (Part One)

Part One: The Debate

2022 will go down in history as the year that AI-generated content finally went mainstream, becoming an undeniable (and unavoidable) fixture of pop culture. It seems that a plethora of AI con...

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Lego Person being drawn in by social media icons

The Six Most Important Social Media Trends in 2022

The Latest and Greatest in Social Media

This certainly won’t come as a surprise to most – social media is still your company’s best marketing tool. But gone are the days of simple photo posting with a witty...

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Age Diverse Team in Workplace

How Age-Diverse Workforces Help Companies Thrive

We hear a lot about diversity these days. And we’re all for it. But one dimension of diversity is too often overlooked – generational diversity...

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Successful Hybrid Team

Hybrid Team Building Secrets

It seems the days of the classic 9-to-5 office are gone forever. Some companies still cling to this model, but it’s becoming far less common. So what are the secrets to keeping a remote team engaged?

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Remote Freelance Contractor on Virtual Meeting

Welcome to The New Normal

Virtually overnight, employers and workers have been forced to accept working from home as the new norm. Thankfully, we’re all evolving to accommodate this new work paradigm...

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