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Day One: Triage | Layoff to LAUNCH An Inbetweener's Playbook

Series Overview

Layoff to Launch is a blog series, comprised of six articles:

  1. Introduction
  2. Day One: Triage
  3. Personal Branding
  4. Résumé Strategies
  5. Self-Promotion Power Plays
  6. Dealing with Ageism

Let's start with the why...

In my Introduction to this series, I wrote,

"...This isn't a product or professional service, but a collection of actionable ideas and guidance for those navigating this new landscape... The goal? To collectively provide encouragement and direction..."


Unless you were just laid off today, I’m sure that my beginning with day-one thoughts feels belated and anti-climactic. Nonetheless, it's a logical and important place to start.

Being laid off is no fun. It’s like a sucker punch — a sudden, disorienting jolt affecting not just your finances but your emotional well-being and daily routine. Our jobs form a large part of our identity, so their loss can leave us feeling lost. This sentiment is something I often hear at The Roster, and acknowledging these feelings is important.

Here are five essential tips to prepare yourself to make the leap from Layoff to Launch.

  1. Narrative: Take command of your internal narrative. Maintaining a positive mindset is key. Have faith in a promising future, despite uncertainties. Clear your mind of fear and doubt, and fill it with positive and uplifting thoughts — for me, this means Bible reading, prayer, and meditation. Whatever it takes to shift your perspective, see this time as a springboard for growth, exploration, and a brighter future.
  2. Financial Assessment: A financial assessment is critical. Look at your immediate and long-term needs. If you have severance, figure out how to extend it. There's no shame in taking a job outside your field if it helps with bills and gives you time to plan ahead.
  3. Reflection: Reflect on your career. Are changes needed? How can you improve? Take lessons from past projects. Write down these reflections. Face the unknown with hope and determination. Assess your passions and talents. This might lead you to new, fulfilling roles, spark a business idea, or encourage a career change.
  4. Routine: Managing your time effectively is essential. Create a new routine. Get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, and allocate time for learning, planning, and job searching. Being intentional with your time is something you can control during this phase.
  5. Action: See this transition as an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Updating relevant, hands-on skills, especially for those in management, is often advisable. Being prepared to add immediate value in new roles can open doors to showcase your full potential.


For many, this is the moment where dreams of starting a business or embracing the freelance lifestyle become a reality. Embrace the challenge. Now might be the perfect time to see if this path is right for you. If you'd like to explore freelancing as a career direction, or you just need a sounding board, raise a hand with us at The Roster Agency, and be sure to mention this article.

Community Feedback Time: What’s the best advice you’ve received after a layoff? please comment below.

Next Installment: Personal Branding

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