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The Roster blog image for 'Distinctly Human: Our Edge Over AI,' an AI robot in a shower, staring at camera with a thought bubble that simply says, 'Prompt?'.

Distinctly Human: The Defining Advantage We Have Over AI

Prelude to Insight

Imagine you're in the shower, lost in the steam and warmth, when suddenly, an idea strikes you out of nowhere—an "aha moment." These moments of spontaneous insight are quintessentially human, a blend of serendipity and subconscious processing. But can AI, with all its computational might, experience such moments of inspiration? This article explores why generative AI, despite its advancements, is not designed for these spontaneous flashes of creativity.

Understanding AI's Capabilities and Limitations

AI, particularly generative AI like ChatGPT, excels at organizing and presenting information based on vast datasets. It's a tool that amplifies human capability, not an Intelligent being capable of self-driven inspiration. While AI can emulate and enhance, it lacks the self-awareness and intrinsic motivation that fuel human creativity.

To illustrate, I asked ChatGPT if it could have a moment of inspiration or an "aha" moment. The AI's response was telling:

"As an AI, I don't have personal opinions or emotions. My responses are generated based on patterns and information in the data I've trained on."

This exchange highlights a fundamental distinction: AI operates within the realm of its programming and data without the spontaneous insight that characterizes human thought.

Personal Insights and Experiences

The God Spark

As an artist, I've felt the irresistible urge to create, an experience many in the creative fields share. Yet, as my comic book artist friend, Pepe Moreno, suggests, this intrinsic drive is where AI falls short. It lacks the "God spark," the essence that fuels our most profound moments of creativity. The inspiration for this article and its accompanying visual struck me in a flash during a shower. It was a genuine 'aha' moment when it dawned on me:

"AI will never truly have an 'aha' moment of its own!"

Case Study: Creating with AI

For the hero image, I utilized DALL-E to create visuals of robots in showers. The AI's function was solely generative, playing no part in the conceptualization. I made all the creative choices—selecting the robot's image, its expression, pose, lighting, and composition. DALL-E did not influence the addition of the thought bubble, which underscores the robot's reliance on prompts. My point being, that while AI can generate and enhance upon request, the true essence of creativity, encompassing all its subtle nuances and the depth of physical and emotional experiences, is inherently human.

Ethical and Practical Considerations in AI Integration

As the founder of The Roster and an advocate for creative professionals, I'm keenly aware of the impact and ethical considerations of AI in our field. How do we thoughtfully incorporate AI into the creative process while preserving our humanity? Is the journey or the outcome most important? Ultimately, the value of the finished product is what matters—it either succeeds or fails. However, the tools and processes we employ remain a personal choice, part of our creative freedom. Throughout history, humans have evolved by adopting new tools. Why should AI tools be viewed differently, and why all the defeatism and paranoia among creatives?


A quote from my blog last year still rings true: 'AI won't take your job, but someone who leverages AI might!' You don't have to embrace AI in your creative work, but disregarding its advancements is a mistake. I encourage everyone to stay updated on AI's progress in your industry. Know its strengths and why you might adopt it or steer clear. Ignorance isn't bliss—it's a fast track to becoming outdated in a world where staying informed is critical to staying ahead.

Remember, AI's role is to assist, not to lead. It can enhance our capabilities but cannot replicate those spontaneous "aha moments" that spring from the human psyche.

Join the Conversation

How do you see AI shaping your creative process? Please share your thoughts and experiences with integrating AI into your work, and let's continue the conversation about fostering a harmonious relationship between human creativity and artificial intelligence.

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