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Thought Leadership Blueprint for the AI Era

Thought Leadership Blueprint for the AI Era

Thought leadership isn't about AI, it's about you.

I've been aware of many content creators and thought leaders touting their mastery of generative AI for content creation. Listening to them, you might believe they've stumbled upon Aladdin's lamp—a shortcut to thought leadership. Cranking out content effortlessly and dare I say, mindlessly.

If you're in this camp, forgive me for dousing your enthusiasm when I say that Chat GPT isn't a sage master bestowing wisdom; it's a potent language model, not an oracle. It won't magically turn you into a thought leadership expert. Tools like Open AI's ChatGPT and Google Bard can assist you in communicating effectively, refining your thoughts, and ensuring impeccable spelling, punctuation, and grammar. However, they can't conjure original ideas.

While many mention the use of generative AI for brainstorming, it's essential to remember that these models are constructed from existing content and lack true originality or creativity. ChatGPT doesn't experience late-night revelations or sudden bursts of insight in the shower. Its role in brainstorming is to stimulate your thinking, much like attending a conference or webinar can inspire ideas loosely related to the content.

The real marvel is you; AI is just a tool. Your expertise and brainpower are invaluable. AI Tools can provide quick access to a wealth of past references and different perspectives, but original thought is the human domain. In today's information-rich world, true value resides in insight—how to leverage information, interpret it, and innovate. Allow yourself the luxury of thinking deeply about a matter of interest before you write about it. This is the essence of thought leadership. 

To quote Jeff Bezos, "While everybody is talking about what's changing, it's important to realize what's not going to change." What remains constant is the indispensable role of the human brain, your brain, in the creative process.

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