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Build your business team.

Whether you need help steering your way through change management, raising capital, or structuring your marketing department, Fractional C-suite professionals can get on board quickly and work with your company's executive team to meet the challenge. Ready to build your business team?

Fractional CFO

A Fractional CFO (Chief Financial Officer) steers a company’s financial strategies. A CFO works with a company’s executive team to grow the business through developing financial plans, managing cash flow, raising capital, driving performance in conjunction with COO, overseeing accounting and reporting, and leading merger and acquisition transactions.

Fractional COO

A Fractional COO (Chief Operating Officer) oversees a company’s strategic planning, process improvement, and other operations-related projects. They work with a company’s executive team to grow the business through assessing business operations, creating and implementing feasible plans, fine-tuning operational processes, logistics, and resources, and assisting with change management, risk management, and exit planning.

Fractional CMO

Fractional Chief Marketing Officers oversee a company’s advertising and sales strategies. They work on a company’s executive team to grow the business through developing the structure of the business’s marketing department, approving marketing campaign ideas and coordinating marketing efforts with the company’s financial and branding goals.

Project Administration

A Project Admin supports the project lead and/or Project manager by coordinating and facilitating team meetings, including pre- and post-meeting communication, meeting agendas, notes and recordings. 

Project Management

A Project Manager leads a team through the project by planning, budgeting, scheduling and tracking a project plan. This includes how the project will be executed through a budget, timeline, schedule, and roles and responsibilities. 

Business Analytics

A Business Analyst ascertains and documents business processes. In practice, this translates to working with key stakeholders to document key workflows and identify process gaps. Responsibilities for this role typically include business and technical requirements documentation, research, concept development, and workflows.

Sales Automation

A Sales Automation Specialist (Strategist) designs, creates and maintains the sales automation tools and reports to accurately measure the health of the sales funnel and make improvements. Sales Automation enables a business to track a wide range of metrics that can help optimize performance. The centerpiece of any Sales Automation platform is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, which helps organize, track, and nurture leads.