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Polished, professional productions.

Whether you need one short explainer video or an ongoing travel series, we bring you experienced pros who know exactly how to create content worth watching. Audio production and print production are two more specialties we cover. Ready to make something?

3D Animation

A 3D Designer/Animator provides design services, including research, consulting, and creating compelling, high-quality 3D graphics and animation. The Animator employs industry-standard tools and best practices to deliver video output as specified, along with the authoring work files.

Animation & Motion Graphics

An Animator/Motion Graphics Specialist is a video artist who creates vibrant digital graphics for video, film, and television using industry-standard tools and best practices to deliver high-quality video output to meet project requirements.


An Audio Producer/Engineer provides audio production and post services, including recording, editing, and mixing of various audio elements. If working off-site, the role requires a professional-grade studio setup. The Audio Producer uses industry-standard tools, best practices, and file formats as specified.

Casting Direction

The Casting Director is responsible for selecting suitable actors for roles in film, television, radio, theater, advertisements, and music productions. Casting Directors will analyze scripts, schedule auditions, and manage actors' contracts.

Director of Photography

A Director of Photography, working in collaboration with a film or video Director, is responsible for all photographic aspects of a video or film production, including lighting, lens selection, camera movement, and in the case of filmmaking, even film stock selection and processing methods to achieve the desired visual style.

Drone Pilot Videography

A Drone Pilot Videographer captures stunning aerial footage and photographs using state-of-the-art drones equipped with high-quality cameras. The FAA licenses them to operate drones in compliance with aviation regulations and safety procedures. Drone pilots deliver imagery perfect for marketing, real estate, and tourism applications. They possess strong technical skills, a keen eye for detail, and excellent communication skills to work closely with clients and deliver the desired results.

Graphic Recording

A Digital Scribe or Graphic Recorder provides graphic recording services, generating bitmap- and vector-recorded notes and designs for live or recorded meetings and events. The well-qualified professional has an up-to-date knowledge of all applicable industry-standard tools, best practices, and file formats.


Music Composers are responsible for creating music for a variety of different media. They work with clients to create original scores for their projects. Music Composers may create scores using computer software or collaborate with other musicians while managing project budgets and timelines to turn creative projects around quickly and efficiently.


A Photographer takes professional-quality photos, but there’s often much more to the job. Responsibilities may include location scouting, casting, lighting, photography, and digital editing/retouching. This role requires an up-to-date knowledge of all applicable industry-standard tools, best practices, and file formats.

Print Production

A Print Production Manager oversees the creation of physical documents like business cards, marketing materials, signage, etc. This role requires a deep knowledge of papers, inks, printing processes, and logistics. The job may also include file preparation/optimization and requires an up-to-date working knowledge of all applicable industry-standard tools, best practices, and file formats.

Production Audio

A Production Audio Engineer oversees the setting up, configuring, and operating audio recording equipment for both location and studio production environments.

Production Management

A Production Manager leads a team through production planning, budgeting, scheduling, and tracking a production plan. This includes monitoring schedules and logistics and fostering good communication to ensure productions are completed on time and on budget.


Working with a Film or Video Director, a Storyboard Artist sketches the earliest visual representations of a story’s narrative, including camera angles and lighting. These story panels help convey the director’s vision and guide the production team in creating the film or video.


Video Production takes many forms, depending on budget, scope, and other factors. For a more significant production, various specialists cover critical roles like videography, lighting, casting, writing, direction, audio recording, graphic design, music production, video and audio editing, and more. At the other end of the spectrum, talented one- or two-person crews handle all aspects of production and post. Every situation is truly unique.

Fortunately, The Roster has a range of resources to accommodate any level of complexity. Often, the most efficient way to start is to retain a Video Producer who can plan and staff your production. Striking the ideal balance between production value and cost-effectiveness might appear challenging, but we're here to help. You can count on our expertise if you need clarification on the required staffing. Reach out to us, and we'll plan your project together.

Video Direction

A Video (or Film) Director is responsible for the artistic and dramatic interpretation of a screenplay (or script), guiding the production crew and actors in fulfilling his or her vision. The Director has a key role in choosing the cast members, production design, and all the creative aspects of video and film production.

Video Editing

A Video Editor is a professional responsible for taking raw video footage and turning it into a cohesive video program. The Video Editor collaborates with the director and producer and must follow a script or outline to realize the purpose of each video scene.

Video Production

The role of a Video (or Film) Producer is to oversee video (or film) production. Whether employed by a production company or working independently, producers plan and coordinate various aspects of production, such as selecting the script, coordinating writing, directing, editing, and arranging financing. Whereas the director makes the creative decisions while making the production, the producer typically manages logistics and business operations. The producer must ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget.


Videographers record and edit videos and may work independently or with a small crew. An experienced Videographer should be capable of handling various project types in different recording environments according to a project’s needs.


The role of a Voice-Over Artist, or Voice Talent, is to read a script out loud to make a voice recording which will become part of an audio or video production. For an announcer or narrator role, a strong, clear voice is essential to bringing the script to life. Other Voice Talent specializes in cartoon, audiobook, and radio character voices. Regardless, becoming successful requires someone intelligent, thinks quickly, and responds well to direction from a producer or director.

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