Imagine if freelance talent ruled the world.

  • CMOGood CMOs are hard to find. Come on in.
  • StrategyEverything starts with Strategy, right?
  • Design/ADDesign, Art Direction or both. Which are you?
  • CopySo you say you’re a Writer? Tell us more.
  • SEO/SEMSearch can be a hard beast to tame. Ready?
  • UX/UIWe’re always considering users first. You too?
  • ScrumCan you put serious agility into Agile?
  • BABusiness Analysts? Yes, please and thank you.
  • PMProject Managers make the world go around (on time).
  • DEVImagine a world without Developers? No thanks.

If you’re a talented creative pro, you’ve probably test-driven the freelance lifestyle at some point. We’re guessing you absolutely loved the freedom. Bet you also really enjoyed the opportunity to be your own boss, to make your own schedule, to accept only those projects that seemed they’d be fun and interesting to work on. We understand.

But there’s the dark side of the gig economy – the wobbly communication from clients, the uncertainty, the endless wait for a payment that was promised last month. Sure, yeah, the check’s in the mail. We understand that too.

More of the good parts. Less of the bad.

The Roster exists because we were certain there had to be a better way. After years of working within every facet of the creative industry, we’ve experienced all the best that freelancing has to offer. We’ve also endured our fair share of the nightmare stuff.

So we figured the world could use a creative resource that was purpose-built to encourage, support and protect those talented people who choose to work as free agents. A place where experience and wisdom count. A place where you matter.

Resources and Support

We help with time tracking, invoicing and all those pesky real-life details.

Pre-vetted Clients

We only connect you with clients who've already proven to be good partners.

Guaranteed Payment

Get paid on time, every time. No hassles, no excuses, no more runaround.

The Respect You Deserve

You’re talented. And human. Around here, you’ll be treated accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Staff Augmentation is a hiring model that allows your full-time core team to collaborate with highly specialized talent on a project-by-project basis. It’s not a new concept – for decades, this secret staffing solution has been heavily used by heavy hitters in virtually every industry. What is new is the access to top creative talent TheRoster can bring to any company, regardless of size. You’ve got a need? We’ve got the talent to compliment your team. In most cases, The Roster can have qualified freelance talent working on your project within 24-72 hours.

We understand creative professionals. We know great team players. And we’ve already done all the legwork to make sure every resource listed on The Roster is an outstanding performer.

The Roster specializes in creative talent. We can help fill the roles your digital presence requires: Creative Directors, Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, UX/UI Designers, Content Strategists, Marketing Automation Strategists, Social Media Strategists, SEM and SEO Strategists, Project and Product Managers.

The Roster is based in Nashville. But these days, top performers have the luxury to work from anywhere on the planet, as long as there’s a solid internet connection. From Portland, Oregon to Athens, Greece, from L.A. to Nashville, you’ll find our team covers a lot of ground.

Just like hiring internally, the cost of bringing someone onto your team depends on specifics like role, experience level, skills, etc. Once we understand your talent needs, we can put together a budget that makes sense for your company based on the current job market.

Understanding your needs is the first step. So let’s start by having a conversation. From there, we’ll find the right match for your full-time or freelance talent needs. The Roster handles everything from interviewing to onboarding, allowing for seamless transitions as you build out your team.